Setup your own VPS 101

Published on Thu - 14th Apr 2016

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What to expect?

We will be installing the GPL (free) edition of Virtualmin on a freshly created VPS (droplet).

What do you need first?

Virtualmin highly recommends using a freshly installed server to prevent conflicts, assuming you just created a new VPS, this should be all good. Confirm that your VPS has a fully qualified domain name set as hostname.

According to Wikipedia An example of a fully qualified domain name is or 

Make sure that the domain name points to your server's IP address.

Use the following command to check your current hostname.

hostname -f

If you dont like your current hostname , Use this command to chnge it



Login as SUDO

Grab the IP address of your VPS from any hosting provider and use SSH to login as root.

ssh root@987.654.32.1

TIP: Make sure you create an account that has minimal permissions and use it instead

Downloading the Instant Script

Virtualmin provides a nice script which simplifies the whole process , it makes the installation very easy. Use the following command to download the script to your root directory.

wget -O /root/

Wait for it to load a bit , you should expect to see something like this when it's finished:

2016-04-16 14:02:51 (199 KB/s) - '/root/' saved [45392/45392]

Well , lets run it

Now we have the script downloaded it's time to run the script.

sh /root/

This will start the installation wizard. It will start with a short disclaimer, explaining the risks and the type of OS its supporting , after accepting it the installation will begin. It will take a while depending on your connection speed

Accessing Virtualmin

When the install script has finished installing, you can reach Virtualmin with the following URL: 

There you can login with your root username and password. Once you are logged in the "Post-Installation Wizard", it will begin to configure your Virtualmin installation.

Here is what you will be seeing

You can switch between Webmin and Virtualmin

virtualmin fadsel

Post-Installation Wizard

This wizard is pretty self-explanatory and there are alot of articles out there explaining this

These are just the basics , We hope they are enough to get you started

Hey champ! - Welcome to your own VPS!

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