About Us

Need to share something that’s too big for email with your friends, family, colleagues or clients? - Thats Us! Sending files is what we do , Free of stress and of charge. We’ve started doing this since 2014 . We love what we do , To date we have transferred millions of files safely to practically every corner of the world. Simple, safe, good looking & for everyone.

What is Safi Cloud?

Safi Cloud is an online file-transferring platform, which basically means that you send files , we deliver them. There’s no hassle. No stress. No charge. We have dedicated teams in Turkey and Tanzania.

What does Safi Cloud BETA do?

  • With the Current 4.3 Night Build release, you can send up to 200MB per transfer.
  • Fault-tolerance Resumable uploads
  • its lighter than before
  • Drag and drop feature supported
  • Zips multiple files
  • Files are stored for one week*
  • Sends email notifications to your recipients
  • Instant Download notifications
  • Cool wallpapers while you wait for your files to get uploaded
  • Instant Package Report - Lets you to delete your package anytime
  • Secured - With the code only you and your friends can access your package
  • Send up to five recipients at a time

* Sometimes even longer than that - it depends on the traffic , Head to our Terms for more


Safi Cloud is compatible with mobile devices & it can run in all major browsers including Firefox 4+ and Chrome 11+ , With Lighter Files as our main focus ... How about we show you our numbers till date, Check the below boxes to figure it out what we transferred so far

2,536+ packages were sent to their recipients

Served 5,006+ files

Over 63.75 GB Transferred

With 17,735+ Downloads and counting

Why Safi Cloud?

Safi Cloud allows you to send files without registrations and gives you an option whether to send your file via email or perhaps you only need a link to download later .

Nowadays in many Universities students tends to have infected medias i.e Flash Disks , Hard Drives e.t.c for this reason it is not safe to share files via Flash Disks since it can cause loss of data , this is where Safi Cloud plays it part.

Safi Cloud was formerly targeted to simplify daily activities of the academic personals including the students, but now we have a Dreamed bigger , A Normal citizen can also use it. We are developing it with ideas from the community

Our Goal

Our goal from the start has been to create great, affordable and easy to use systems, the kind that we wanted to use ourselves. We wanted something that was simple to install and get up and running. Easy and intuitive to use and configure, yet powerful for power users who wanted to dig a bit deeper, and flexible enough to be integrated into most environments as possible.

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