How to Make Confetti in After Effects Without Plugins

Published on Tue - 4th Oct 2016

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Create Confetti Fall Inside After Effects

Here is a preview of what we will be making ...  
like Exploding Confetti with no 3rd Party Plugins like Particular in After Effects.

Create Solid inside After Effects , then toggle the 3d tab infront of the layer Call this comp CONFETTI SOURCE

Set up few lights to make the solid shine while spinning

Then set keyframes for ORIENTATION now rotate the solid randomly over time 

The create a new comp ... call it CONFETTI FALL , drag the first comp ( Confetti souce) into this then set keyframes for Position you can get to this by selecting the comp layer and hitting P on keyboard , that will show your Position option

Do this over time also... now create another comp Call it , CONFETTI TRAIL  
Then import CONFETTI FALL into this new comp 

Arrange several CONFETTI FALL layers into stair style as show above , this can be achieved by copy pasting LAYER CONFETTI FALL into New Layer CONFETTI TRAIL ... by doing this you automaticall draw a line creating a trail of the same confetti falling offset with time as shown above 

Once the 1 trail is done just dubliate the final comp then change there falling position also offset the scale to make things look realistic 

There you have it,


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