Best Article Submission Sites in 2017

Published on Sat - 22nd Jul 2017

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A little bit about Page Rank

As seen from Wikipedia , Google's rise to success was largely due to a patented algorithm called PageRank that helps rank web pages that match a given search string. There are many spammy sites on the web that try to game their way to the top of search results through techniques like repeating keywords over and over or buying links that pass PageRank.

These sites provide a very poor user experience and may even harm or mislead Google’s users. So at google they write algorithms to identify spam and remove sites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines from their results

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After all changes that search engines have gone through over the past few years, you might think that article submission websites and article marketing are no longer of use. Actually, Google’s Penguin 4.0 algorithm, Duck Duck Go's Algorithm shared with Yahoo & Bing along with other major search engines, still reward links gained from article directories. Submitting articles to directories to:

  • Showcase your expertise. Articles that share valuable information about your industry will help you gain trust from future clients and build your brand. By sharing expertise and publishing to article directories, you will begin to be seen as a resource and a go-to person/company in your field.

    • Quickly boost natural search rankings: Other types of content marketing will help you in natural search, but article submission websites can make a difference much faster than merely publishing to your own website and social media. Article submission tools and services as coded to be easily indexed by Google and other search engines.
    • Improve your page rank with relevant backlinks: Google likes to see links to your website content from relevant and highly trafficked websites. Directory sites fill the bill–and the links at the end of each of your articles will in draw more traffic, giving you more credibility with search engines.

    • Increase your website traffic: The more you publish online, the more often you have an opportunity to show up in search results. When your audience reads your article–if it’s useful and interesting to them–they’ll be motivated to click the link and visit your website in droves.

    • Get long term value from permanent links: As long as your topics are relevant, your article will continue to be found on the highly trafficked directory sites and keep sending you traffic into the future.

    • Bring in leads: All the increased traffic you get will be guaranteed relevant, of course. With your widely distributed articles, you’ll attract not just “random” traffic, but people already interested in your industry, product or service and impressed by your expertise. These are hot leads.

    Are you Convinced? Now check out our list of 35+ free article submission sites below

    High Quality Article Submission Sites

    Open community of passionate people writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, conversation starters.
    PR: 6   Alexa rank:594 

    Submit your high-quality, original articles for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to your website.
    There is a minimum word count for the Article Body, 400 words.
    PR: 6   Alexa rank: 907

    Allows you to create your own personal homepage by adding and removing, dragging and dropping, and “using or losing” existing content windows.
    PR: 7      Alexa rank: 12,386   


    Try to quench your insatiable thirst for knowledge. Articles from different categories are added daily by different authors.
    PR:        Alexa rank: 4,095

    A human edited web portal with links and listings for several hundred thousand websites – all categorized in an easy to browse manner.
    PR: 4   Alexa rank: 27,051

    If you are looking for a way in which to share your knowledge, desires, and thoughts or are looking for a way in which to quickly promote your site and/or business for free, A1 Articles may be the solution in which to do this.
    PR: 4     Alexa rank: 39,709 

    Provide publishers, editors and webmasters free website content in the form of copyright free articles!
    PR: 4    Alexa rank: 111,980

    Directory provides hundreds of links to hand-picked companies and websites in several categories. You’re sure to find the products or information you’re looking for there!
    PR: 4    Alexa rank: 264,727

    Community website for work at home related information and resources.
    PR: 4   Alexa rank: 335,018

    Article should have links to your site or resource. Manually look at each article and if too many links are included they’ll trim accordingly.
    PR:4     Alexa rank: 3,292,046

    Content sharing platform where writers get the chance to reach their readers.
    PR:3   Alexa rank: 11,752 

    ArticleTrader is a free article database. This means that as a website owner or e-zine publisher you may re-print the article(s) from the Article database subject to the terms and conditions.
    PR: 3    Alexa rank: 16,537

    Artipot provides a convenient place for authors to post their articles on a wide variety of subjects. Each article is reviewed by a human editor before being included in the directory to ensure its quality.
    PR: 3   Alexa rank: 18,880 

    Provides free tutorials and articles submission service, our users can publish their articles as soon as they post.
    PR:3   Alexa rank: 22,050

    ArticleCube is an online article search engine and directory for both publishers and authors. With ArticleCube you can search a major article directory on the web.
    PR: 3   Alexa rank: 22,315

    Another growing content submission page where people can submit articles in different sections with thumbnails.
    PR: 3     Alexa rank: 25,092

    Free article directory or hub that brings web visitors, writer/authors and publishers/webmasters together.
    PR: 3    Alexa rank: 30,130 

    Online article directory/article search engine for people that need relative, specific information.
    PR: 3   Alexa rank: 30,472 

    Highly content rich information website with tons of articles written by well known authors across the world.
    PR: 3    Alexa rank: 46,740

    You will benefit immensely from submitting your articles to our database for publishers to view and choose to publish in their newsletters, forums, blogs or on their websites.
    PR:3   Alexa rank: 97,750 

    You can find interesting and useful information on most popular themes and you can also publish your own text with an interesting content, after registration.
    PR: 3    Alexa rank: 275,145
    Online web’s premier articles directory for both publishers and authors
    PR: 2     Alexa rank: 22,877

    Small business articles and business information
    PR: 2    Alexa rank: 1,585,725

    Online information article and video article network
    PR: 1  Alexa rank: 104,652

    Upcoming website on content submission and related articles.
    PR: 0 Alexa rank: 156,489

    Publishing platform, submit your articles and get posted to different network sites depending on the content of the submission.
    PR:    Alexa rank: 14,704

    Publish professional web pages about your favourite topics. Offer an easy way to publish your work and attract readers. Have a community of more than 500,000 authors
    PR:      Alexa rank: 24,849

    Yet another emerging content publishing place where you can post your marketing related articles.
    PR: 0  Alexa rank: 150,413

    Yet another place for submiting marketing related articles, but has got less competance.
    PR: 0    Alexa rank:  31,223

    Article directory search engine and at the same time an article distribution service provider offering a very affordable marketing service online without sacrificing quality.
    PR:       Alexa rank: 16,079

    Small Business Strategies & Ideas That Work! Focusses mainly on the business articles.
    PR: 5    Alexa rank: 31,710

    Categorised by different relevant sections and thousands of articles are being published daily. One of the best stop for many marketing publishers.
    PR: 5       Alexa rank: 4,7611

    Platform where uses can submit articles on different categories and gain traffic to their respective blog or webpages. Mainly used for marketing articles.
    PR: 5     Alexa rank: 49,805

    Community of writers who spend their time creating amazing content geared towards helping readers either educate themselves or solve a problem.
    PR: 4   Alexa rank: 12,589
    Offer free articles, free web content, and free article feeds which are submitted by the network of quality registered authors.
    PR: 4    Alexa rank:14,151

    Maximum article exposure, reprintable article contents. Articles are differentiated with major categories and users can submit to a vast number of topics.
    PR: 4     Alexa rank: 20,583

    Online article search engine and directory for both publishers and authors. With ArticleCube you can search a major article directory on the web.
    PR: 4   Alexa rank: 22,381

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